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Thank you for taking the time to look at our store.

Let me tell you how MyBeeStore came about. I always had an interest in beekeeping but for years lacked the time or money to pursue the hobby. About 5 years ago I found myself with more time on my hands and my interest in beekeeping was rekindled.

Around this time I was introduced to my local county Beekeeping Association. They ran an “introduction to beekeeping course” over 6 weekends which covered some of the theory and practical aspects of beekeeping. This I found invaluable and I would thoroughly recommend novice beekeepers seeking out such courses and joining their local Bee Associations. A year after attending that course and  having attended some of the practical sessions at the training apiary, I felt confident enough to get my own colony!

So I needed equipment, bees and……..

Bee Keeping Clothing.

Looking through advertisements I just couldn’t work out why one bee suit cost £15 and on the next site there was one for £150. Surely there was not that much of a difference. Well after buying “cheap” I realised how wrong I was, but then expensive was out of the question.

After much discussion we reached the conclusion there was definitely a market for high quality, well-designed beekeeping clothing that could be retailed at discounted prices – if the middle man and associated costs were removed.

Opening of My Bee Store

MyBeeStore opened in March 2017.

Our mission then, as now, is to sell safe, well-designed, beekeeping clothing and equipment at a very competitive price.

The MyBeeStore following continued to grow and many customers asked if they could buy other beekeeping products from us.  So in 2019 we added beekeeping equipment and bee accessory sectors to our site.

MyBeeStore 2020

Fast forward to 2020 and demand continues to increase. As well as supplying traditional beekeeper clothing we wanted to introduce new innovative materials into the marketplace. These materials are lighter, fit better, are better able to control body temperature whilst still affording the all important protection.

I am happy to announce that agreements have now been finalised and MyBeeStore is able to offer this clothing at price points to suit everybody.

In line with our core values we have continued to add to our range. One of the benefits of a  on-line store is we advertise products on behalf of a number of UK manufacturers and importers. The advantage for you the customer is if a product is out of stock with one supplier you will usually see another that has stock without leaving this site. Should save you a lot of time and possible aggravation!

We hope you enjoy the shopping experience at MyBeeStore as we move closer to the “one stop shop” that was always envisioned.

May I thank you for your continued support.



Keeping bees buzzing and beekeepers happy!

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