BS National SN1 Super Frame & Foundation Packed 11, 55, 110


Suitable for British National,WBC and Smith hives if the top bar lugs are shortened.

Includes frames, wired foundation and gimp pins for easy assembly

Estimated Delivery – Beginning of February


BS National Super Frame & Foundation Packed in 11, 55, 110. 

Frame assembly pack includes:

National SN1 (shallow/super) NON-spacing Frames- with Frame Pins

BS Shallow (Super) Wired 100% beeswax Foundation Sheets

Please note, you will need to assemble the frames and foundation together yourself.

STORAGE : Keep covered in dry cool conditions.

FRAME ASSEMBLY: You may need a small hammer or Staple/Brad gun.

Seek informed advice or guidance from other beekeepers or your local BBKA. Youtube has various tutorial videos.

PRECAUTIONS : You may benefit from wearing gloves, and cutting sharp wire ends off prior to assembly

Weight 2000 g
Pack Size

11, 55, 110


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