Maisemore National High Density Poly Hive 2 Supers with Frames & Foundation


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Made from high-density polystyrene, it is up to three times stronger than what is used in packaging and has excellent insulation properties, keeping your bees warmer during winter.


  • 1 x Brood Box
  • 1 x Roof
  • 2 x Supers
  • 1 x Varroa Mesh Floor with Inspection Drawer and Landing Board Design
  • 1 x Poly-carbonate Crown Board
  • 1 x Poly Hive Plastic Queen Excluder – 500mm x 500mm
  • 22 x National SN4 Hoffman Super Frames
  • 22 x BS Shallow (Super) Wired Foundation Sheets
  • 11 x National Hoffman frames & pins
  • 11 x BS Brood Wired Foundation
  • 500g of Gimp Pins

Compatible with most wooden national hive parts, frames and accessories (except wooden roof).

Supplied flat-packed with Dove-Tail joints means no glue or screws are necessary.

To preserve your Poly Hive we recommend painting the exterior with our poly hive paint.

Weight 10000 g


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