NEW 2 in 1 National Poly Nuc 14×12


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Introducing anew range of High Density Polystyrene equipment from BS Honey Bees. High Density Polystyrene has been used for decades throughout the world, it is lightweight, extremely durable and has excellent thermal properties for the UK climate. Poly boxes are ideal for overwintering colonies and have became hugely popular in the UK over the past 5 years. The Polystyrene used is recyclable and up to 3 times stronger than that used in packaging. They can last up to 30 years when protected by smooth masonry paint.

This new nuc  can be a standard 6 frame nuc, a 2 way mating nuc,  or two 3 frame raiser nuc and has a feeder that is suitable for both liquid sugar and solid fondant.

Manufactured using 120g/litre high density polystyrene offering much higher durability and improved thermal properties. This together with a much thicker roof makes this an ideal overwintering nuc.

A unique divider insert and 2 separate colour coded entrances converts the 6 frame nuc to a self sustaining mating nuc.

National 2 in 1 Poly Nuc Box

  • – British National Design
    – 100% thicker roof than most
    – 3 litre versatile top feeder
    – removable fondant plug
    – 20% higher density polystyrene
    – 6 Frame nuc box or 2-Way mating nuc
    – top space & frame runners included
    – removable 14×12 divid
Weight 2 g

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