Honey Bee Swarm Trapping Bait Hive


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A Swarm trap hive including:

  • Ready assembled swarm trap hive
  • Ready assembled roof complete with robust steel cover
  • Small weather port
  • Landing stage
  • Entrance slot

This swarm trap hive is compatible with National and WBC frames! They will hold 5 deep brood frames (12×14) with extra space below the frames to give the feeling of space that scout bees require to lead their swarm to your box.

Easily hangs using a ‘French Cleat’. This allows the box to hang securely and vertically so that the bees build out their comb within the frames instead of ‘cross-combing’.

The small weather port, landing stage and entrance slot attracts bees to the box as they like these features.

This swarm trap box is perfect for holding bees for long periods of time when waiting for an available beehive that they can be moved to.

The swarm trap is also known as a ‘bait hive’ and is designed and situated to attract bee swarms. Bees can be baited into the trap by placing frames and wax inside. More instructions on how to attract bees to swarm can be found inside the swarm box once purchased.

This hive is sent ready assembled. The hive is made from solid pine and plywood with a solid base.

External surfaces will need treating with an insect friendly wood preservative to extend the life of your hive


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