Solitary Bee Hive / Insect Hotel / Bug House


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Solitary Bee Hive …Insect Box Hotel …Bug House..A Natural Wooden Habitat for your Garden

Easily accessible stacking trays
Great for the wildlife and positive for pollination
Simple construction
Beneficial for your garden
Bees and bugs are naturally attracted to the small wooden holes as nesting sights and for protection

Made from durable untreated timber, a unique solitary bee hive with individual cell trays that can be easily accessed.

Bees and bugs are naturally drawn to wooden holes that have become harder to find in modern gardens and so, with this wooden solitary bee hive, it is a perfect fit to give a home to those bees, keeping them safe and giving them somewhere to live. The cell trays are easily accessible through wing nuts that can be unscrewed and adjusted as required. A hanging hook is also provided on the back of the bee hive

Fascinating and great for education and an easily assembled habitat for wildlife.

* Measures 18cm high by 18cm wide and 16cm deep

* Wood with steel roof plate

* Can be taken apart to clean

Requires some assembly


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